• Skincare so pure & natural, you can eat it

  • Three Ingredients

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    Avocado Oil

    Nourishes the skin while reducing inflammation and redness. Vitamin E softens and naturally-occurring magnesium will detoxify.

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    Coconut Oil

    Quickly absorbs into the skin while brightening the complexion. Full of lauric acid which kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. A super ingredient!

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    A wonderful emollient and skin softener that adds richness to the skin. Full of Vitamin A which is a fantastic rehydrator. ​

  • EatMe Original

    All Purpose Skin Cream - $20

  • EatMe is All-Purpose

    Body Butter

    Grab as much or as little as you want, warm in hands, and slather all over your body. Or ask someone else to do that...

    Lip Balm

    Take a small amount of EatMe Original on one fingertip and rub vigorously into lips for a natural, glossy sheen.

    Personal Lubricant

    Grab any amount of EatMe and melt in hands. Moisturize and delight your deserving nether regions. Do not use with latex or silicone. Gynecologist recommended for easing dryness down there!

    Makeup Remover

    Take a dime-sized amount and warm in hands. Apply all over your face and use a tissue, cloth, or cotton ball to wipe away excess. This method of oil cleansing is recommended by Acne.org for blemish prevention.

    Diaper Rash Cream

    Slather this butter on your babies bum for softness and relief. Safe for use with cloth diapers, too!

    Eye Serum

    Grab a pea-sized amount and warm in fingertips. Apply by dabbing on eyelids and under-eye area. Can be pressed on top of makeup to set.

    Belly Butter

    Rub a generous portion of EatMe Original onto your growing baby bump two times per day to restore resilience to skin and prevent stretch marks. A wonderful excuse for a self-massage!

    Leave-In Conditioner

    Take a dime-sized amount and warm in hands. Add a few drops of water and rub in ends of hair. Your split ends will thank you

    Rash Relief

    Clean rash thoroughly before dabbing EatMe gently onto the affected area for a soothing remedy. 

    Foot Masque

    Rub EatMe Original all over your feet and wrap them in plastic wrap. Put on socks and wait for 15-30 min before removing. Feel the silky difference.

    Shave Cream

    Take a very generous portion of EatMe Original and rub vigorously in hands. Apply to face or body by dabbing and rubbing in desired areas. Shave and rinse with warm water. Your pores will thank you. 

  • What is NOT in EatMe?

    Alcohol / BPA / Formaldehyde / Fragrance / Mineral Oil / Oxybenzone / Parabens / Preservatives / Phthalates / Polyethylene glycol / Silicone / SLS / SLES / Sulfates / Triclosan....yuck!